Real Yield

Sustainable Value Accrual through Protocol-Generated Revenue

Real Yield: Maximizing Returns through Participation

At Concentric Finance, we're committed to delivering tangible value to our users. That's why we've adopted the concept of Real Yield – a dynamic mechanism designed to optimize your returns by harnessing the power of our community and platform. With Real Yield, we're revolutionizing the way you earn from your liquidity provision while aligning incentives for all stakeholders.

xCONE Staking Rewards:

As a liquidity provider using Concentric Finance vaults, you're not just contributing assets – you're fueling a thriving ecosystem. We believe in sharing the success of this ecosystem with those who make it possible. That's why we're proud to introduce xCONE Staking Rewards.

By staking your xCONE tokens, you become an integral part of our community's growth. In return for your commitment, you'll earn a significant share of the fees generated by the Vaults. We're dedicating a substantial 50% of the collected fees after the performance and buy-back pool cut to be distributed among xCONE stakers. This means that as Concentric Finance Vaults gain traction and the underlying trading volume increases, your staked xCONE tokens will passively generate returns that reflect your contribution to the ecosystem.

CONE and xCONE Rewards for Vault Incentivization:

We understand the importance of incentivizing liquidity providers to participate actively in our Vaults. To achieve this, we've introduced CONE and xCONE rewards for Vault incentivization. Here's how it works:

  • CONE Rewards: Liquidity providers who deposit their assets into Concentric Finance Vaults will be rewarded with CONE tokens. These tokens carry value within our ecosystem and can be utilized for governance decisions and other platform interactions.

  • xCONE Rewards: As a further incentive, liquidity providers will also receive xCONE tokens alongside their CONE rewards. xCONE tokens not only have value in governance but also qualify you for a share of the fees generated by the Vaults, adding an extra layer of potential returns to your participation.

By integrating CONE and xCONE rewards into our vaults, we're fostering an environment where active participation is handsomely rewarded. Whether you're a liquidity provider or a community member, your role in Concentric Finance is acknowledged, appreciated, and rewarded through our innovative Real Yield framework.

Join the Real Yield Revolution:

Are you ready to embark on a journey where your contributions are directly tied to your rewards? Concentric Finance's Real Yield is here to empower you with a new way of maximizing your returns. Stake your xCONE tokens, participate in our Vaults, and be a part of an ecosystem where everyone benefits from the growth they help drive. Embrace Real Yield and let your participation flourish into real, tangible returns.

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