Concentric Finance introduces an intricate dual-token system to empower its ecosystem, align incentives, and promote community governance. The platform's tokens, $CONE and $xCONE, serve as fundamental elements, enabling various functions and creating a vibrant, self-sustaining economy within the protocol.

$CONE Token

The $CONE token is the primary native utility token of the Concentric Finance protocol, designed to incentivize user participation and alignment within the ecosystem. This token enables users to participate in governance decisions, promoting a decentralized, community-driven approach to protocol development. $CONE is a freely tradable token, offering users the flexibility to buy, sell, or use these tokens for various purposes within the ecosystem.

$xCONE Token

In contrast to $CONE, the $xCONE token is a locked token that offers additional benefits and requires a conversion process. Users who deposit liquidity into Concentric's farms earn both $CONE and $xCONE tokens. However, $xCONE tokens are subject to a 6 vesting timeline for 100% redemption of $CONE, or 20 days for 50% redemption of $xCONE to $CONE, meaning users who acquire $xCONE through liquidity provision will need to wait for a period of 6 months before converting them into $CONE tokens. $xCONE will also be transferrable, meaning there could be 3rd party venues to facilitate OTC trades of $xCONE.

In addition to the benefits of conversion, xCONE token holders also enjoy additional advantages. All fees collected by the liquidity provided through our platform on Camelot v3 are distributed proportionally to xCONE stakers. This incentivizes users to hold xCONE tokens and actively participate in the platform's liquidity provision, as they will receive a share of the fees generated from trading activities. By implementing this tokenomics structure, we aim to create a balanced ecosystem where users are rewarded for their participation and commitment. The dual token system with a vesting period ensures stability, while the fee distribution mechanism incentivizes liquidity provision and long-term engagement. We believe that this tokenomics design will contribute to the growth and sustainability of our platform while creating value for our community of users.

How Concentric RP system works:

  • X RP points will be emitted per 365 days

  • 1 RP point has the yielding power equals to 1 xCONE, depending on the staking pool

  • Unstaking xCONE means losing all of your RP points.

Token Allocations:

The total supply of 1,000,000 $CONE tokens is meticulously distributed across several categories to achieve a balanced and fair distribution:

Strategic Private Sale - 15%

  • 150,000 Tokens

  • Onboarding strategic partners within Camelot and Arbitrum Ecosystem

  • 75% Locked as xCONE

  • 25% Unlocked as CONE

Launchpad/Public Sale - 20%

  • Public Sale will be conducted through Concentric front-end

  • 50% locked as xCONE

  • 50% Unlocked as CONE

  • 200,000 Tokens

  • Seeding Initial Liquidity

Initial LP on Camelot - 10%

  • 100,000 Tokens

Team - 7.5%

  • 6 month cliff

  • 75,000 Tokens

  • 75% Locked as xCONE

  • 25% Unlocked as CONE

Emissions - 44%

  • 440,000 Tokens

  • Farm Incentives

  • Staking Incentives

Marketing, Development, Advisors - 3.5%

  • 35,000 Tokens

  • Community Mods, Graphic Designers, Strategic Advisors, Content Creators

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